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Extra 12v

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Really wish there was more than just one 12v plug outlet in the box. Can figure out a place to mount a set of three. is it possible to mount it in line with the factory one under the shifter. I have a manual and it looks like there might be enough room.

Side note any way to make it so it doesn't run from the ignition just straight battery
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You can put them anywhere you want. If you are comfortable drilling a hole where you want to mount them, then you are golden.

As far as wiring, there is an easy way and a correct way. Easy way is to just run them to the battery, I wouldn't suggest this. The correct way would be to find a non-switched power source and wire it into that. They make fuses that have wire leads on them, that would be easiest, I think. You can just plug the fuse in until you find one that has constant power.
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