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Are you telling me that the xB2 RS6 sports a Pioneer AVIC-F900BT?

The Pioneer F900BT has CD/DVD player, GPS, MSN Direct, 1 year warranty, 2V preouts, and no iPod cable

That's strange...because my RS 5.0 has a Pioneer AVIC-F90BT

The Pioneer F90BT also has CD/DVD player, GPS, MSN Direct but it also includes 2 year warranty, with high power 4V preouts, and comes with the iPod integration cable

Next Step: Buy from Scion Pure Pricing OR TRD Spark's Discounted Pricing?

$299 Interior Illumination:

$171 Interior Illumination:

$290 Illuminated Door Sills:

$156 Illuminated Door Sills:

$215 Grill:

$149 Grill:
Total Scion Pure Pricing = $804.00
Total TRD Spark's Pricing = $476.00

It is a known FACT that the xB RS6 will carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,743 over the base price of the xB. If I buy my parts from TRD Sparks, that leaves me with roughly $1267 to buy the navigation...but you can get the navigation for $598 Shipped.

How do you get a $1,200 Navigation system for 50% off retail AND still have Pioneer honor the warranty?

So I went to the Pioneer website :

Then I went to the 6th Avenue Authorized Online Store, which means its a website that won't void my warranty: is carrying this In-Dash Navigation for $1199.99
- During checkout, apply $601.99 coupon code "AFLPIO598" on it
- is offering Free Shipping on this item
- Your Final Price: $1199.99 - $601.99 = $598.00 + Free Shipping

*Coupon will expire when too many people have used it. will expire if coupon is abused, or at the end of the month
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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