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Attention NewScionxB Members: has just released its new turbo kit for the Gen 2 xB (2008-2011)!! With minimal kits out there for the xB2, it was time we stepped in with an all-new, one-of-a-kind bolt on turbo kit!!

Fits: Scion xB 2008 - 2011 (xB2)
Part Number: FS-xB2-TK Scion xB Turbo Kit 2008 - 2011 (xB2) FS-xB2-TK

Finally, a legit aftermarket turbo kit for the Scion xB 2008 - 2011 (xB2)!! has taken the iniative of developing its very own turbo kit for the Gen 2 Scion xB. With only a couple options out there, we decided to put together the perfect kit for our Scion xB2 owners. Scion xB turbo kit differs from all other xB2 kits in so many ways; the most notable being a true FMIC with the option of a built-in C02 system for an added 25-30hp (depending on boost level). In addition, we are using a state-of-the-art Unichip engine management system which includes a plug-n-play harness for quick installation. There are absolutely NO eletronic or wiring glitches with the Unichip System or the Unichip PNP Harness. In addition, we have developed a tuned MAP with the Unichip system that is specifically setup for this kit, so NO tuning is required.


-Cast Iron T3/T4 Manifold
-SP 5000 Turbo (Large T3/T4) w/ 3" V-Band
-38mm External Wastegate
-S-Max FMIC w/ optional CO2 System
-RC 550cc High-Flow Injectors
-Unichip EMS with PNP Harness (programmed for 8.5psi + 550cc Injectors)
-Intercooler Piping Kit (xB2 specific) w/couplers, clamps, hardware
-K&N Intake System w/MAF Adapter
-3" V-Band Downpipe
-Turbo Oil Feed & Return Kit
-All Necessary Hardware, Brackets, Hoses, & Instructions for Complete Installation

**Kits ship in 5-7 business days**

**Will work on completely stock or modified xB2**

**Complete Bolt-On Turbo Kit complete w/ Engine Management**

**Minimal Bumper Trimming Required for FMIC Fitment**

PM for further details or inquiries.

NewScionxB Members receive additional 5% when entering "newscionxb" in the coupon code during checkout.


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Damn it how hard would this be on the auto tranny is there parts to beef it up and maybe a torque converter too?

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FastScions said:
auto tranny will hold, but for how long idk. the kit is at 8.5psi and we have already installed on an a/t with no issues.
I drive my B really hard . What all does the tune do for us auto guys does it bump line pressure and shift points or what ?
I have dealt with breaking things with my turbo diesel pick up and its not fun upping horsepower and breaking parts right off the bat.
I guess before I even consider this mod I will do a few supporting mods. Gauges being the first thing. The kit looks real complete . I would like to have kind of a little sleeper. I raced last year at TMS scion drag an brag and did real well 5 rounds till they paired me up with the turbo cars which I thought was just dumb as heck as a N/A car has nothing on a turbo car.
Anyway I will be watching this I am really interested.
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