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toroTC said:
A local radio station is having a "camp out for hunger". Wmmr's Preston and Steve every year camp out for five days to raise food for Philabundance - which distributes food to the needy in our area.

My plan is to organize a meet Dec. 4 (Thursday) at 7pm and have a lot of scions parked up front and get some publicity.

however the main point for this meet is to have everyone donate. Usually the giant next to where they have the camp out have some food already put into bags for ten dollars and make it easy to donate. however you can already start a donation basket in your place of work so if people can't make it. I will personally go pick up the food for donations. I DO THIS EVERY YEAR FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS.

whether you listen to the show or not any help will be apreciated.

read more about it here on this link about what food to donate.
I made up a little info sheet with their flyer in case you wanna hand them out.

Ill be handing them out and announcing this at the sonic meet on saturday night as well.

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