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Fiberglass in hatch

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Over the past few months, I've tried about 6 times to build myself some fiberglass enclosures to sit on both sides of the cubbies in the hatch. Needless to say I failed each time, and the serious lack of information on the subject coupled with frustration has led me to almost give up all hope of ever getting the huge box out of my hatch while keeping my bass. So what I need from y'all is one of three things:

1. A dumbed down walk trough to working with fiberglass
2. Somebody to build the molds themselves for me
3. Approval to use the existing plastic panel as the base of the mold itself

Any info or help would be greatly appreciated, this is the home stretch to finishing my interior once and for all.
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Just make sure you actually mat and resin the whole structure, especially the fleece. Fleece and resin is not strong enough to withstand the forces of a subwoofer. The fleece is just for shape it still has to be glassed just like the base for the same strength levels. Once the fleece is completely soaked and sturdy you can go ahead and remove the sticks completely, they were only there to get the ring positioned, you don't need them in there any more.
Why not just mat and resin the ring scaffolding into place? A little extra framework is well worth it.
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