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Finally!!!! done for now

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OK I know its been a while but here they are

scion valve cover

SRD strut bar

Injen CAI intake

one of a kind SCION tow hook

drilled holes in my bumper :( for air

LED in gas car area

LED switches


LED under back seats

Night time set up in rear cargo area

day time set up



dash vents


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That's some amazing work you've done, especially the driver's arm rest!!
I am impressed!!
It really looks awesome. I like the color coordinated vent covers in the dash. A real splash of color I would not have though about!

Great work! How long did it take you to run all those LED's?
thats alot of great looking mods!
OH MY...Looks awesome!
It's like a big toy car. :)
I'm sure it catches lot of people's attentions when you drive. :)
wow! Love the leds under the backseat and gas cap area!! You should market that armrest! Everything looks great! Thanks for sharing
Looks really good. Are you planning to put leather on the seats to match the armrest?
Thanks for the comments! :) The armrest was my 1st mod and man it was expensive like 80$, and its not leather it was the closest fabric they had to match the shifter vinyl
I can only say one thing .....SWEEEEEEEEEEEET.... :yes:
I'm REALLY curious as to how you did the engine cover.
That looks interesting!
Im wondering the same thing about the cover. I love the c-pillar inserts, and the tow hook
wow, wow and wow. Great attention to detail. :eek:
Thats alot of LEDS! Very cool though. Like the tow hook out front! Also the custom SRD strut bar as well as the engine cover!
I have alot of LEDS left over ,Because i ran into a small problem with the doors not having an access hole in them (didnt wanna drill holes in it)
I would have had about 10 in each door,in the cup holders and shining out the bottom of the door
maybe later I will drill some holes to run the power but not quite ready to do that yet!
I was just wondering where you got the SRD plate made? And the valve cover?
sticker shop! I got a freind who is a graphic designer so I am always filling his head with ideas to make.
Awsome stuff. :notworthy: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
that is a sweet looking ride, great job on all you did!!!!
I am really impressed with the creativity of your mods.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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