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Finally, some pics

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Great pics, thanks!!!
I really like your wheels...they look good in action too!
I've been looking for rims, too. Love the bronze look.
looks good. rims look great rollin down the highway!
Awesome! :wave:
very nice ride welcome
what is that white thing on your front bumper?
LostcausexB said:
what is that white thing on your front bumper?
license plate that he blurred out...
Looks good! I like the rolling shot 8)
Thanks....As you guys know its a work in progress.. :yes:
The color with the rims is on point good work!
I like the gold and blue combo. It would look tight if you painted he grill and inserts on the front the same color.
I almost did the same thing to my first XB. Looks good brah.
Is that Tacoma as in Tacoma WA? If so I live just south in olympia and I have the same color car as you. Ill be sure you give you a wave and honk if I see ya.

I also like the Gold/Blue and Yellow/Blue (I might be doing this one) colors.
Very Nice!!!! The blue is a good color in the PNW.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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