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After much to do about hooking up the trailer wire harness kit from E-Trailer I finally got it done today-whew. Not so bad when you just give in and take it to a garage and have them find the path thru the firewall. So that part I can't tell you but I will say this:
Scion warning for NO trailer Hitch and no Trailer wiring has got to be some kind of US -BS because the left rear tray has a factory molded slot ideally shaped for the head of a 4 wire flat plug to slip thru and the pigtail wiring to sit/store when not in use. Now I know a trailer hitch company will make a hitch to adapt to a specific make/model so Kurt Hitchers didn't have to work hard for the 2nd gen xB which has 6 factory mounting nuts welded into the rear frame. can't be any easier than that for just a bike rack carrier.
So now I can use my aluminum 5X8 trailer to go get "stuff" and take "stuff" around town without messing up the back. Also, I can tow my 14ft Tracker Grizzly Jon boat for a day of putting around pretending I'm fishing.
Kinda makes me want to drive thru the dealer lot and annoy them but-they will just get you in the end-rat bastards.
The XB is not a SUV but it does have limited towing ability and capacity. Just don't push it past 1000lbs. Drive moderately and you should be fine.
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