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First Oil Change

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So those who've had your xB for awhile when did you do your first oil change. I myself have changed my oil on any of my cars around 4000miles using full syntheic. Well since the first 2 services are free, im going to let the dealership do them. My question is should I wait until I hit 5000 miles or should I do an oil change before then.
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this car is build by emissions to withstand 5000k granted its better to change it earlier but its not harmfull if you go to 5000k .
IDK, oil viscosity is supposed to break down at 3k or 3 months.

I know synthetic says they last longer and all that good stuff... that's what they say.

I would still stick with 3k, especially on standard oil.

And I also think you don't want to wait till 5k to change the oil on your first oil change because you're breaking your engine in. If I had the time I probably would have had it changed at 1500k instead of 3k cuz 1500 is basically the break in period.

We purchased the lifetime free oil changes at every 3k. It was kinda expensive, but considering we put 3k on in 6-7 weeks... it will pay for itself in no time.
Oil used to break down in 3k miles because thats how engines were designed.
New designs for engines are much more efficiant and cleaner then they used to be. I've seen dino oil come out still looking decent after 5k even.

I know it sems like a long interval but the new age allows oil changes to really be stretched out.
Did you know that BMW's oil change schedual has a 15k interval?
I am at 4200 miles, 5 months on my orig. oil and plan on using Scions reminder system which I have heard is 5000 miles or so. My last vehicle, Olds Silhouette had GM's Oil Life Monitor system and the change oil reminder would come on around 5500 miles. I drove over 100k miles on dino oil only and never had an engine problem. Most of my driving is city. I filled up today and my average speed was 23 mph!

I don't think that 5000 miles between oil changes will hurt the engine.
I used to change it every 3k when I got my first car. After going to going to tech school for mechanics I learned that 5k is much better. I realize they got these new longer lasting oils and such, but the oil isn't the problem. Its the filter. Most filters aren't designed to run that long. The ones that are probably can if you don't have light driving in low dust areas. Hard driving and dusty areas can wear out oil faster and clog up the filter sooner. Plus regular changes help get out any gunk or metal shavings that might build up. Especially new cars, there are always lots of metal shavings on a new car because of the breakin period.
stick with 3k or 3 months OCI, no matter if it's conventional or synthetic.

Me and wife are considering replacing our 2001 Corolla with an Xb.

I'm not a car guy, the only time I'm in the garage is when I get in and get out my car.

I'm looking for advice on maintenance issue with Xbs.

I drive an avg of 27-30 miles a day, 5x a week to from work. I can hit 3000 easily, and we use the Corolla if we even leave our city proper.
we take our 4Runner if its within less than 10-15 miles.

So, on getting the Xb, I read the forum about the free oil change, 4x a year, for 2 yrs I still have to read up on this.
Is it worth/pay by itself for my daily drive?

what do you recommend we pass or get when start adding up on accessories and extras?

I live in Bolingbrook, IL... work in Chicago, heavy snow travel during winter, and I've turned on my AC maybe less than 10x this year....cross finger.

I added TRDSparks on Facebook, since I see them a lot on this forum, and they seem to have a lot of positive feedback and cheaper price on what would normally cost me at dealer.

Much appreciate, and hope to meet new friends in this forum.

advance thank you to everyone :D
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Scion recommends oil change and basic service every 5,000 miles or six months. The first two oil changes are free and should be used in the first year.

The types of modifications will depend on how deeply you become addicted. I, a mere woman, have the OEM spoiler, fogs, alloy wheels, and security. I have added after-market body graphics and windshield banner, underbody lights, changed the LED's in the cluster and A/C controls, smoked tails, 8000K HID's, NIA eyelids, tinted all windows, have light smoke window deflectors, and lowered it on Tanabe DF210 springs. I added a travel companion storage sling on the back of the passenger seat that holds maps, umbrella, windowshield shades, window scraper and my gassing up hat. It can be removed for shows, though, as can most of my convenient interior additions.

Several of the guys here live in the great north and will have suggestions about the winter driving. I traded in a 2000 4Runner and haven't looked back.
thanks Hellen, maybe I should copy most my post and introduce myself properly.

this way I get more replies that I may find useful for our purchase.

thanks again
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