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Took the 12 xB on it's first road trip this past weekend. 4 hours one way gave me good feel for the car. For the most part, I thought the ride was firm but pleasant. I have TRD springs and the 19's. Tire noise was noticeable and did tend to drone on but turning up the tunes eliminated that!

Going down 95/85 convinced me that the rear sway bar is now an essential, not an option. Cloverleafs let me know when to back off the speed. I believe the springs helped reduce the body roll however, I'm thinking that the TRD struts and shocks should have been on my list when I installed the springs to utilize their more aggresive dampening. Oh well, live and learn!

I had thought the seats were going to be uncomfortable but to my surprise, there was enough adjustment to keep my back in good shape.

We had a great trip and am very pleased with the performance of the car. The dash MPG read about 28.9 the entire trip doing 70-80 most of the time.

Today I Dynamatted the spare tire area and installed an Alpine CDE-HD138BT HU to bump up the tune quality. Next month an amp AND the rear swaybar.

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