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Fixing Clear?

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So I got my car used, like all of my cars, and previous owners left an effect. My question is can you repair clear damage like this without serious work? I'm not repainting the entire car and it doesn't bother me too much (some days) but I would like to fix this up if possible. It almost looks like someone buffed through the clear coat? I would just respray some clear and shine it up so it blends in but this had complete discoloration, almost yellowey around the edges of it and some of it looks under the clear and some feels a little rough. I don't know exactly what it is but I know there has to be a way to fix it.

Sorry for the quality and them being sideways. Just cell pics and im too lazy to rotate them. Either way I think you can see it ok. The second pic shows it better.

So any suggestions? I have already tried waxing it, adding polish, and clay barring it but don't wanna do any of that too heavy and make the spot worse.
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hey man I'm a detailer and work in a body shop so here ya go wetsand it with a 2000 grit and 2500 grit and then use a high-speed polished with a 105 compound from Meguirs with a wool pad then a 205 compound with a foam pad..that should take care of it...the key is having access to thus stuff if you dont a respectable shop should be able to do it for under $200

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I can get that stuff all day. After all of that wouldn't I have to do a new clear coat over it though?
if thats only in the clear no ur only sanding the clear thinning it out n then polishing if its in the paint then you'd have to get it spotted in.but its hard to tell in your pic if its in the clear or the paint

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