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Hey guys, though i would update this first initial post to give you the run down of my current mods with updated piccy's, ( the ones i can remember anyway lol ) hopefully can give you guys some ideas with your xb's.

Engine Bay -
Added K&N air filter / Typhoon Series
Trd front strut bar ( Powdercoated white )
Cleaned up all the wiring ( also used corrugated tubing for a cleaner look )
Painted the heatshield in a hi-temp matt black
Custom aluminium engine cover
Vinyl wrapped the ( engine cover, air filter cap, fuse box, coolant container, strut bar )
Added a bigger dry cell battery ( also removed the decals off it )
Added thick earth cables for the audio setup

Wheels & Suspension -
4 x 19”x 8.5 Xxr 962’s ( custom spraypainted )
Tannabe df210 springs
Trd rear sway bar ( powdercoated white )
Sprayed calipers matt black ( also added white vinyl TRD decals on them )
Grenade valve caps

Exterior -
Arctic camo inspired full wrap
Matt black wrap roof
Black wrapped the trunk chrome bezel
Fully functional sharkfin antenna
Tinted headlights , foglights, vent drls, taillights & rear bar lights
Mafia series eyelids
Custom mesh bottom grill
Colour coded both front grills, also the backplate of the front toyota badge
Plasti-dipped front / rear toyota badges
Custom modded headlights ( drl tubes, sprayed black inside )
Removed rukus badge
Removed A pillar decals
Tinted front windows to match rear
Added soft front lip
Added white led strips for bottom & upper grill ( wired into dome light )
Added white leds in rear plates
Personalised number plates ( FLEX )

Exhaust -
Removed one cat
Added resonator
2.5” stainless piping
Stainless x-force muffler
Dual exhaust 3.5” quad turn-up tips
Tips ceramic coated in matt black

Interior -
Plasti-dipped orange blaze headunit bezel
Plasti-dipped orange blaze subwoofer bezels
Brushed stainless trd bolt on car mat plates
Aftermarket knuckbuster shift knob with orange blaze plasti-dipped spikes
Added realistic rc shell look alike of my rukus sitting on woofer box

Exterior & Interior Lighting -
100% custom vent drl seqential indicators with switchback drls
Custom modded taillights ( badboy look brake lights, half cut indicators with reverse in CREE leds
Added white VIP puddle lights wired into the dome light circuit to fade in/out
Oznium 3rd brake light
Rear bar fully functional brake lights
Added USDM foglights
6000k hid’s in headlights & foglights
Added white leds into dome / map, footwells & cargo light

Audio & Visual -
Pioneer Avh-x5550bt headunit
4 x 6.5” Rockford splits
4 x 1” Rockford tweeters
2 x Rockford amp
2 x 12” Rockford p3 woofers in a custom made ported box
4 x Headrest monitors 10”
1 x Standalone monitor on the rear sub box

Some pics -

Before -

Now -


- Jim

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couple quick pics from the oldies driveway, i had recently removed the black vinyl from the bonnet, got bored i supposed.. still leaving the rest of it though!.. when i get some money together i want to upgrade the system, its not bad for a 9 speaker setup, altho its not enough for me...

Also putting some drls put in @ the front vertical grilles when i got time, and some puddlelights for underneath.


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so slick

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Some new pics taken last week, recently added puddle lights to the box and also some white led strips 1 shining down on the honeycomb grill and the other shining up from the bottom, they all come on with the puddle lights, also got it on a separate switch.. i have bought these aftermarket brake/stop lights where the reflectors used to be, it looks oem and sexy as fk, still need to put some black film over them to match the back.. also plasti-dipped the exterior badges orange, and just some other minor stuff, new pearl orange shift knob.. , i have ordered some orange tint film also, going to do the front headlights and see how that pans out, also going to try some pin striping.. more mods to come, maybe another set of shoes too.


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I have some puddle lights awaitin install. How did you do yours?
i basically pulled off the side skirts, ( oem ) by removing the black caps / plugs, i put one of the lights in every second hole, connected all the wiring through, try and tuck them in the side skirt as deep as you can, then i ran all the wiring from the inside of the wheel guard into the engine bay, i also ran a seperate switch for the optional on/off, but they come on with the dome light and fade out with the dome light i also added 2 white led strips shining down from the honeycomb grill and another strip shining up from the plastic guard underneath the bumper as you can see via the pic

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Yes please.

My kit requires 3/4" (19mm) holes. My thought, bein in the salt belt, is to make something removable for winters.
sorry for the delayed reply, havn't had time to take pictures but i do have these from ledmod, i installed them the same way

hope this helps, - Jim

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Yeh I have the same kit. Just want to try to avoid the drillin of holes. Kinda also want the lights to be angled outward a little.

Thanks for grabbin the pix.

I'll figure something out.
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