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Since owning a Jetta, I'm a sucker for flip keys. Last post I saw regarding these was 2011. Thought I'ld just create a new one.

I bought a couple flip key remote cases off ebay, Not quit as durable as the VW ones. They flex a little when turning so you have to hold them close to the top but $11 not a bad deal.

I bought from here:

Remodel Case 3 Buttons Uncut Blank Flip Folding Remote Key Shell for Toyota RAV4 | eBay

My original Toyota key fob model is: HYQ12BDP. What's interesting is that this keyfob does not have a separate transponder chip, it appears the transponder chip is inside the remote modual. This is different from previous flip key write ups I have seen.

If you do this, I suggest opening your toyota remote and verify if you have a separate transponder chip. If you don't, putting your remote into this case just got easier. Just remove the two screw and hold the key section so it does not come apart. Then wiggle the bottom apart and slide in the remote modual, reassemble and done. I took apart the key section and had a **** of time figuring out how to load the spring tension correctly and get back together working.

As for getting the key cut, avoid automated key machines, The HomeDepot machine did not cut the key ridges deep enough, I went to the local mom and pop hardware store that still had the old open grinder, hand controlled key copier. The guy was able to fix the Homedepot cut key without having to remove the key from the case. He didn't even charge me for it. I ended up just slipping him a $5 because it was a little more effort than just a plain key.
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