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I did this a few hrs before a car show and everyone liked it!!

They were like "whoa! How much did you spend on that?!"

I just laughed :lol:

Just spent about $12

Did it myself but some extra hands would be appreciated!

I got the whole idea from:

Just follow it and you'll be fine. Still Opens and closes normally.

Here's what you'll get = (I'll post more pics of the hinges and the hood fully open)

Just a warning: be careful and enjoy! :rofl:
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I'll show this to my daughter. She's doing artwork on her tC hood and I'm sure this will make it show off in a unique way.

Your car looks good!
i hope you used more than zip ties to hold that hood on there. hate to get into an accident with that thing, who knows where that hood would end up?
I did use zip ties just temporary. I now have rivets, so that hood ain't going nowhere!
thats looks way cool!
AnimalBoy: Lovin' your xB!

surfMOMster: Post pics of it when she's done please! :yes:
can you post some pics with better light, you really cant see **** in those pics. it looks dope as hell though.
looks nice, and you did it yourself props to you
Sick job dude!!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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