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Formula One-2014 Thread

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Well, the new season is UPON US!

The Aussie GP starts tonight.

If anyone else is excited, or a fan, post up!

-I'm partial to Red Bull (since the Stewart Racing days) and have a soft spot for McLaren (esp. b/c Senna).

Looks like this will be a good season, with many new rules and new engines. Soon, we will see IF the Renault engines will survive . . .
Will Ferrari return to the top?
What Schumi tributes will we see?

Can't wait!
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I never do get to follow an entire season of any real racing so I have no team preference but I do try and watch the American Le Mans series on ESPN through my xbox after the kiddos go to bed once it comes available.

I would like to be able to watch more racing, especially bikes, but unfortunately options are a bit limited around here. If you like NASCAR then your set, anything else and your stuck with what you can find online or pay for a big tv package with extra channels sooooooooo ALMS it is.

Although I don't have a specific team preference I do generally prefer to see certain manufacturers be victorious although Im not heartbroken if they dont. As long as the race is good, im good.
Was at the race here in Melbourne (4 day pass and pit access).... What can I say... Do I like the new cars? Ehh maybe but the new rules will make things interesting and our beloved Daniel Ricciardo (note not being a typical Aussie jumping on a winner) being disqualified... Will like to see what happens later in the year if it happens again...
I wondered how they look in person.

Danny Ric's disqualification was kinda odd. I'm keeping an eye on that one.
I rely heavily on PlanetF1 for my daily F1 news

Rosberg looked great with his run. Too bad about Ham's and Vet's engines going SOO fast.
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