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Found RS #36 on ebay

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Found number 36 on ebay tonite. Now if I can find number 38, I'll know where both my neighbors are!
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Wow that cool. The numbers are definatly spread out. Now if you can find #35 as well you can link find your self down to #34. With my car showing up in three weeks and the numbers we have seen so far here is my guess. I am guessing that cars 1-20 were given to execs. 21-40 were shipped last week. 41-60 this coming week. 61-80 the week after that. And during the week that mine is supposed to arrive 81-100. However that idea is a little low in number rates as it would take months to get ou all the vehicals. Until I actually see some cars numbered outside of the 30's we won't know for sure.

Maybe you should call your dealer and find out if they knew what the number on the other RS they sold was. I would love to have a RS under 100 but I kinda doubt that will be my luck with the it being three weeks away.
I'll ask, but I think he said that one (a manual) wasn't coming in til March. And they didn't know the # of mine til they saw it.
Oh I thought you said they had sold it before you came down to get yours. I didn't realize they hadn't gotten it yet. I was starting to wonder if all the manuals were coming later except #36 just disproved that idea.
Yea, it was spoken for and money down on it, but they didn't have it yet.
That makes me wonder if my dealer already got the automatic one in just not my manual one.
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