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PMs sent out to the four winners, who are:

1. Rhombus
2. yanges
3. scvscions
4. scion

If any of you didn't get a PM, please send me one w/ your email address... something went wacky when I tried to send four PMs at once...

Thanks everyone! :D

Original post below:

I want to give out some decals! :naughty:

The first four people to respond to this thread that have more than 25 posts (by 11/01/07) will get a pair of decals in the color of their choice. I'll provide a code and you can go to our supplier's web site and order them for free.

Click here if you want to buy decals

Here's what the decal looks like in silver (on my xB):
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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