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Since my 2006 xB got totaled, I have no use for this baseplate mount. You'll need to purchase a "device holder" or "roll your own" for whatever phone/gps/etc you want to attach to this base. So it is 1 part of a 2 piece solution. I've been using Proclip mounts for years and they are awesome. No more fumbling for your phone or having it slide around. I highly recommend you score this for your ride Depending on what you are going to mount and whether or not you get the power option, it will cost $30-$100 for the device holder if you purchase it direct from

Go here to find your device mount and see if you want this base mount.

* Clips on in seconds
* Anyone can do it
* No special tools required
* No dashboard dismantling
* No interior damage
* Secure fit within easy reach
* Made of heat and cold resistant ABS plastic
* Pre-drilled holes for AMPS and ProClip hole patterns
* Onto the ProClip Mount you can attach any type of holder for your device e.g. a Mobile Phone, MP3, PDA, PND, GPS, UMPC, Satellite radio, Navigation Monitor, Multimedia Monitor, Hands-free car kit, Two-way radio etc.

This is what you are getting...

I don't have a pic of it in use from my 2006 xB, but here is a pic from my G35 proclip mount...

This is what the Gen II xB mount looks like with a hardwire device holder for my PPC6700 PDA Phone...

I hope someone will grab this, I don't want to throw it away...
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