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Hello all. I'm new here and was looking around at the nice stuff y'all have done with your XB's. Wish I could do half of what you guys have done but being I have a kid now, can't spend money on the car.

So I have a UNPAINTED and new front bumper cover and a right side fender I need to sell. A while back I was driving when the car in front of me swerved out of the way of a broken branch hanging out into the street from a tree. Doing about 40 mph, I was unable to get around it as there was another car next to me and to avoid a worse accident, I had to take the blow from the branch. Damage was pretty ugly but thank God it was just cosmetic. It put a nasty gash in my bumper cover and bent my right fender pretty bad. So I ended up ordering some aftermarket replacement parts. Being too lazy to try and figure out how to replace the parts, I ended up letting my insurance handle fixing my car. Just got it back and it looks great. But now I have those parts that I need to get rid of. So I'm letting each part go for $150. Or if you want both parts together I'll let them go for $250. This is for local pick up only cuz they are too big to ship. I live in Los Angeles, Ca. Northridge (San Fernando Valley) to be exact but willing to meet half way. If you would like to call or text me (preferred) you can, (818) 233 - 2775. Or send me a pm. I listed these on Craigslist for more money ($175 a piece or $300 for both) but I've been getting nothing but scammers. I will be listing this on other XB forums as well. Serious only. Thanks for looking.

The white mark in the middle is just a piece of the packing tape which can be removed

Right Fender
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