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Just for the front emblem searchers.
Which one do you like?

1. "04-09 Scion TC XB XD Badge SWAROVSKI Crystal Emblem"

I think this one would be perfect to ladies who like swarovski. :)

2. "TRD emblem"

3. "Chrome Badge emblem"

4. "Red scion emblem"

5. "Dragon emblem"

6. "Rumion emblem" as kinda popular to members here.

I scrapped from ebay. (And I got nothing to do with their business, let me tell you that. :) )
And I'm sure the dimention of those emblems matches to our box.
You can also find the price and details by searching with the name above each pictures on the ebay.
I personally bought a dragon emblem for my box. :)

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i like the chrome and the crystals where did you find those?

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The crystals are available loose at almost any craft store. Michael's or Hobby Lobby will have them (unless they have both dropped the stock in the last 2 years), they should be in the "Jewelery Making" section. There are several styles and types of applications. You could ask the associate. They MAY know something about them. When in doubt, read the books, packages, and ask other customers looking at them. Those know more than many of the associates (and ALL the ones that don't do it themselves).

(I used to work at a Hobby Lobby and ran that department once-upon-a-time. The customers taught me how to use them. Though, that was years ago and I have forgotten most of it. I HATED working retail and got a better job instead of moving to management.)
Anyways . . .
From what I remember . . .
There are glue on types and heat-application types. Tell the associate/customer EXACTLY what you are doing and that the heat could do damage, it MUST be basically a "water-proof" stick, and "strikes" by road-debris is a REAL possibility.
Read the applicable glue instructions (should be near the crystals). It must be "heavy duty" and waterproof, as well as an appropriate consistency for the application.
E-6000 will work, but could make a mess if you don't know how to use it and what you are doing.

The best idea . . .
Ask the other customers in the department for advise. That one usually is pretty busy.
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