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FS: 08+Dcendent world racing turbo kit

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selling my used decedent world racing turbo kit for 08+ scion xb manual and auto car

its a complete kit without the decendent base tune on the fic includes everything but smic bolts and maybe a couple header bolts

AEM FIC + plug n play harness

post pics soon

$2200 + shipping prefer local sale but will ship
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willing to drop the price i need this kit sold
Don't have the time or money to get it set up and tuned for my car and can't find any tuned maps for my automatic
Dang I want it
As before. If I had the cash id be all over it.

You think itd be plug n play for the 5 speeds? As the guy u got it from was sayin.
It came from his 2011 5spd it works on both cars I just don't have any experience with tuning or the means to get it to a tuner so kits just sitting here and winters coming so I want even get to it till next spring :(
$1900+ shipping complete kit with base map and a boost gauge
Doing $1500+shipping without engine management
Turbo sold lock up thread
Yeah I'm surprised it didn't sell sooner - I was seriously considering it myself, but I have other modifications to knock out first.
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