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FS : DF210 & Tokico HP blue front struts

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for sale : 08 scion xb front and rear tanabe df210 lowering spring (heat treated/torched for low) and tokico hp blue front struts. asking price $375 firm. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. text 626664twofivezeroseven

location : SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (626/909/562)
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kinda pricey for used stuff.

whats the milage on them?
four months.
if top hats are included this would be a very easy swap. no spring compressor needed.

def the way to go for a spring install, way easier.
lol. top hats are on there. see photo. it's full strut assembly. straight swap.
what/how they will sit on 17 inch wheels

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daaaaam they look sweeet on the box!!

what is the meaning of torched btw?
heated springs to lower the car without cutting. old school hot rod techniques.
I know you said local pick up only, but I'm really looking for springs. How much would you sell just the springs for plus whatever shipping is?
If they are heat treated, the car will now bounce more, correct?
sold. mod please lock thread.
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