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I got these new with my car and took them off several months ago. I probably put about 12k miles on them. They're all in great shape, with one of them having a bit of curb rash (rim #3). The area where you pry off the center cap has been a little scratched on some of the rims by the dealer when they rotated my tires at 5k. They are solid wheels that look like they have about 12k of normal use on them. The finish is still nice and shiny. They'll look better than those hubcaps for sure! Maybe use them for snow tires? Included are 4 center caps and set of 20 lug nuts.

Specs are 5x114.3, 16x6.5, offset +45

I would like to sell these to somebody who can pick them up from me in San Diego. I may be willing to meet up somewhere in SoCal - just PM me. I might be willing to trade for an intake (TRD or something CARB legal), possibly a spoiler (BSP), set of shocks (aftermarket +/- cash). Who knows? Just ask me. I mainly want to get these out of the garage.

Asking $295 OBO. Paypal OK. Thanks!

Rim #1

Rim #2

Rim #3

Rim #3 curb rash


lug nuts.
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