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2011 Scion xB Release Series 8.0 SoundWave
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This is the sale of 1 custom made fiberglass enclosure for the 2008 through 2013 Scion xB.
Price is $150.00. Shipping is $56.00 because of the size and weight to ship UPS Ground

I built this box for my 2011 Scion xB Release Series 8.0 and it was a great fit, unfortunately as many people know after a while its not enough bass. I managed to blow 3 Kicker 12" L7 woofers before deciding to do the change.
So now I will adding 4 12" woofers to my car. 2 woofers on each side, but only one chamber.

  • Beautiful lines and designed for great looks and space saving appeal
  • Carpeted in Dark Charcoal automotive carpet
  • Perfect fit into right rear corner of trunk
  • Ideal for those whishing to keep trunk space but want alot of bass.
  • Baffle (mount for speaker) constructed of 3 pieces 3/4" MDF
  • Woofer will be counter sunk for better fit and look
  • Box material is MDF, Fleece and 1 ounce fiberglass matt
  • Banana plug style speaker connector built in and wire soldered in on inside

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