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FS - Pink neon underglow

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We've changed cars and colors, so I need to pass the pink on to someone else. I have seven tubes, four 48" and three 36". Since the '09 was lowered, I broke a front tube when I hit the driveway a little too quickly. I paid around $100 for both sets, so I'll take $50 + shipping. PM me here or email [email protected].

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I have my ways, grasshopper, since I am the consumate internet shopping guru. My hubby is amazed at the deals I find. I just found a set of purple ones for $34. BTW, the picture is only two 48" and two 36" tubes. The others were spares.
I like to use Google or then check out the different results. is also a good source because they are similar to ebay in that they list merchandise for different sites. This time I found the neons on Amazon. I'm not afraid to take some time to check out the deals before I buy and I usually find great deals. I found two sets of Polk 6.5 coax speakers for $65 a pair on Amazon, too.
They are sold to the lovely owner of a tC in Atlanta.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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