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FS: TANABE DF210's lowering springs

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up for sale are my DF210'S lowering springs about 15k miles on them

i installed them in 08/12

still have original box and stickers :)

$150 local pick up

$175 local installed

$175 shipped

contact me @ 626-347-7332 or [email protected]
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Bump for one of my favorite springs. I ran them on my RS 1.0 and now running them on my RS 8.0. For reference here is a current pic of them on my car now with 18x8 +30 wheels and 225/40/18 tires. No rubbing at all. Ride is great on these springs!

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I'm trying to sell them for you too man. I love these springs. Gives you a nice drop and doesn't sacrifice comfort. And I never scrape or worry when my wife drives my car LOL, which is peace of mind for me! I'm suprised they haven't sold yet. Someone needs to jump on these asap! I can post up more pics of how they look if anyone would like.

Good luck on the sale buddy

- Mike
I personally feel ride height is perfect for everday driving. Speedbumps are also not an issue. The ride is a little stiffer than stock, obviously, but these springs retain a lot of comfort. I've had 32 cars and most of them have been modified in some way regarding suspension. From sprint springs, to eibach springs, ground control coilovers, ractive coilovers, tein s-tech, etc. And for the size of drop and price, these DF210's are excellent!
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