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FS: TANABE DF210's lowering springs

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up for sale are my DF210'S lowering springs about 15k miles on them

i installed them in 08/12

still have original box and stickers :)

$150 local pick up

$175 local installed

$175 shipped

contact me @ 626-347-7332 or [email protected]
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5zero4 i am located in Baldwin Park CA 91706

graphicsman: they are currently on the car
5zero4 they are the lowest you can go on springs next is the tein s techs
quality is good also depends on how aggresive you drive. i used to have TC2 wheels only rubbed on the front wheel wall fender thats all. never rubbed on rear fender cause the offset of the wheel never made them poke out. rubbing issue will happpen if you dont have the right offset or your stock shocks are blown
back in 08 i ran 19x8.5 all around and never rubbed you just need to make sure you have the correct offset i dont remember what offset they were
still got these? pmed
still available
Its all good man thanks
thanks MEEKO
i will take pics later on how they sit with the steelies on
Gonna post it on SCIONLIFE
thanks guys it took me about a month to get them and now that i want to get rid of them no one wants them
SOLD please close
1 - 17 of 35 Posts
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