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FS XB: 08 XB2 upper grill

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For sale 08 XB2 upper grill

$50.00 shipped to lower 48 states

God bless
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It is.
If it is still around after July 1st, I'll probably get it and play with a redesign of the stock holes and/or making my own slat grill out of a stock one.


If you REALLY want it, by all means tell him and I'll just get the Sparks slat grill.
gldnchld360 said:
I got a stock grill too but buy rev's first.
I thought you had decided to keep your grill . . .
Well, it's yours and you can keep or sell it as you desire, oh master of the waves.
Somebody buy those grills!

It is tempting me and I have no money to spend on either. My wife and I realized how much I have "blown" (her word) since I got the xB a month (and 2850 miles ago).

I shouldn't spend any more and an altered hole pattern on a stock grill could look SO interesting . . .
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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