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Wave Rider said:
Yeah I was thinking that but I wont buy from someone who has just 1 post, no offense man.
Me too. Otherwise, I'm interested.

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I only have one post because I dont own a Scion. I drive a Toyota MR2 Spyder and bought this with intent to use on my car; however, the speaker sizes on the xB and Spyder are not the smae. The spyder's gril is more oval shaped. I never noticed.

I am keeping the tweeter surround for me and my friend as we've used them on our ignition:

Anyway, I'm a member at under the same username, Niclipse, and have been a member there for 5 years and have a 100% awesome record there, besides, I prefer paypal which has protections and we aren't talking about an expensive item here.

Anyway, I hope someone can enjoy these.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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