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fuel mileage calculator

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I just got my 2012 Xb and the dash indicator that indicates the current miles per gallon is reading all over the place. I will go from 11 mpg to 61 mpg and up and down constantly. The dealer said it takes awhile for it to mellow out but I am on my second tank and it is still doing it.

Also it looks like I am only getting 22 mpg. Could that just be because it is new??
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Congrats on the new B and welcome to the family, if your talking about the current MPG it will always bounce around as you drive, if your talking about the AVG MPG it will balance out over time.
It sounds like you are in the "instant" MPG which will move all over the place as you are driving. Push the button on on the dash to change to the "Average" MPG which will keep track of how many MPG you are getting.

Most of us xB's owner will tell you that the "Average" MPG shown on the guage is around 2 MPG higher than you are really getting.

Your owners manual will show you which button to push and what happens each time you push it.
I hope you've taken in to account the driving style affects the mpg. That would be a big affect on the mpg going up and down.
punching the gas at a green light will give you around 4 mpg while coasting down a hill will show 90 mpg. over time you can learn how to make this info work for you resulting in better then advertised MPG average.

welcome to the club!:cheers:
on a Average, im getting any were from 30 to 34mpg but thats all highway.
To improve your gas mileage you first need to know what your current gas mileage is or you will not know if it got any better.
Find out the gas mileage of your car by entering the distance you have travelled (from past and present odometer reading) and the amount of fuel that used in the form below. Give us the current fuel price as well and we'll calculate your cost per mile at the same time.
Botom line is if you want to know what your actual MPG is, then record your elapsed miles and fill-up gallons at each fill-up and divide the second into the first each time you fill up. The numbers presented by the on-board computer are just an estimate and are anything but reliable. If you care about your real MPG, then you need to manage your driving habits as well as keep on top of your tire pressures.
Trevor, that sounds completely reasonable. I will do that on my next tank of fuel. I put the fuel calculator on the average and I am getting about 25 mpg in town driving only. I only have 550 miles on her as of now but plan on doing a road trip in the near future. Thanks to all for the input.

Mark, Trevor has the right idea but don't forget to take stuff out of your B that you don't need. The more stuff-the more weight-the more weight, the less gas mileage.
Have a safe trip.
Average mileage just jumped up to 27 mpg today YEAH
Average mileage just jumped up to 27 mpg today YEAH
WOW! mines around 19.8 right now. I spend more time on the onramps catching up to traffic rather than cruising. I know thats killing me.
The way I calculate mpg is fill up, keep receipt that shows gallons purchased, reset odo then wait until the low fuel light comes on. Write down the miles off of the odo you reset when you fueled up. Repeat this two or three times. Then do the math. I came up with 27.5mpg and the xB says average is 28.3mpg. So yea, the xB is off a little bit.
new xb gas milage

your gas mileage will improve greatly as you get to 10,000 miles--when the engine get fully broken in---i just got to 16,000 0n my 2009 xb--so you are ok
the average mileage indicator is a higher reading than actual from my calculations
I'm getting 28.9 MPG. I ride that cruise control all day. Sometimes when I'm driving back home from work late at night and at a stop light with no one in sight, I'll punch on the gas just to get a kick out of my catback exhaust and hear my short ram intake roar.
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