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Hey Guys & Gals,
You all have a sweet little auto! I can't call it a car, truck or SUV. Because SUV's are pigs & the xB is a just right little auto.

Just wanted to say I get the 2012 xB just the way I wanted it and we ( my lovely wife & I ) decide to sale it. I picked up a gutless (geared to tall) Tacoma Access cab, SR5, 2.7 L with a 5 speed manual in Super White. If your in AZ, Power Toyota Scion in Tempe has the same truck I have. The sales person that sold us the Scion dealer traded for the same. I told him I needed a truck ASAP, as the Scion sold sight unseen with-in 48 hours once I truly tried to sale it. The buyer called me and told me to meet him at his credit union. He bought it for his wife. She hugged me because it was so clean and was a manual. (She was cute too! :naughty: )

All the best,
AZ ( Randy )

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Good luck in your future endeavors
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