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If you were a member of, you may have wondered what happened to that site... I'm pleased to tell you that it now redirects to the forums.

When first launched, was the only other 2nd Gen Scion xB-specific forum online. It didn't take long for NSxB to take off and become the fastest growing site devoted to the 2nd Gen xB. Unfortunately, for members of, there came a point when the site was no longer maintained and then, eventually, it went offline. I was contacted a while back about purchasing the site and domain name from the previous owner, but the asking price was out-of-reach. Since NSxB was already alive and well, I made a generous offer for just the domain, but it was not to be.

Fast forward to today... After doing periodic checks on GoDaddy, I found that it was available for purchase. So, those of you who were looking for and may not have known what happed, I hope we can make your home here a welcome one.

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