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Cluster swap on the xB2 is extremely easy, no special tools or anything needed. The odometer reading from the new cluster will not adjust to match your vehicle. Outside of the odometer, I don't think there's any programming to be done - it's just plug in and go. Regarding the odometer, you have some options:

1. Try to find a dealer to adjust the mileage on the new cluster for you. You probably won't find one, and if you do, the price will be insane (I've heard reports of $500+ charges).

2. Buy the new cluster through the dealer and have them install it, during which they will adjust the odometer for you. Price will be crazy for this as well.

3. Go on eBay and buy a cluster with a mileage pretty close to yours. You'll spend anywhere from $50-150 if you can find one with a close mileage on it. NOTE: There are legal implications to doing this, especially when you sell your car. I am not a lawyer, I am not providing legal advice, and I encourage you to look up your state and federal laws regarding odometer changes.

4. Tell me what's wrong with your cluster - it's probably fixable.
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