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Gen2 Parts for Sale

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I have a used BRS Widebody kit for sale which includes the 9 piece widebody kit, double hood scoop hood, and one of a kind only made BRS Autodesign fiberglass eyelids. I'm letting that go for $3000 and I will take $1500 for a deposit (Cali. only)

I also have the xGangster Mid and Top spoilers for sale and I'm letting them for for $600......for those who know I have talked to Steve from about the situation.

I also have a extra set of 5x1004.3 19x8 rims for sale with tires for $800.

I do need to sell these items real quick.

If you are a serious buyer please e-mail me at [email protected] for pictures and it's easier to contact me. I am limited to internet access right now so that is the best way to contact me. Thanks!
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that's a killer kit! why you getting rid of it?
The whole xB is gone back now.
Are those the rims for sale? Where are you located?

...or is this a dead post. :confused:
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