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When it’s about time to replace the tires on your Scion XB, there are a lot of factors to consider. These include the climate you live in, your driving style, the type of performance and handling you're looking to get. Today we are here with the option that offers a great combination of quality, performance, reliability, and style – Hankook tires. As one of the leaders in today's tire industry, they offer a wide selection of tires suitable for your driving style, climate, and budget. Their tires feature top-notch rubber compounds, tread design, and construction that allow them to perform effectively in a wide range of road and weather conditions.

Buy a set of four (4) selected Hankook tires and receive up to $60 Prepaid Master Card. Don't hesitate and make your purchase right now. This offer is valid through May 5, 2019. Please complete the following PDF to redeem your American Express Reward Card.

Hankook™ | Tires —

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