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gold interior

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im looking for emblems in different colors particularly in gold.
if i had the chance i would just get it off a 6.0 series
but i have searched every where any one have them interior parts? or suggestion where to get that 6.0 paint
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lowfive also known as doughboy has a 6.0 that is modded to look like a 8.0. he is on
The RS 6.0 is absolutely red. The 5.0 is gold rush mica. I suggest just searching the usual places for aftermarket interior pieces. I bought a rattle can of RS 7.0 paint from Touch Up Paint from It was almost an exact match. Used it to paint the eyelids, so it had to be good.
your absolutely right guy 6.0 is red i tried to edit it before it obviously didn't let me i meant 5.0
so does any one have any other suggestions ?
The gold RS 5.0 has a silver Scion logo on front:

If you want a gold one, you'll need to remove one, paint it gold (not hard at all), then reinstall.
For the interior panels, painting them isn't hard at all. You can also get any color you want.
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i want the original 5.0 gold the seats will be hard to come by
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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