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I've tried to look this up on the web, and can't find an answer. Obviously, the Xb fits golf clubs, and much more, when the rear seats are folded down. My question is this: Can you fit 1 set of clubs in without having to fold the seats?

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How long are the clubs?
If under 50 inches, they'll fit lengthwise between the deepest parts resting on top of the wheel wells.
If set diagonally, a bit longer shouldn't be a problem.

As the part behind the rear seat is larger than that in my Gen 1 Miata . . .
And my father used to carry a set in there . . . (just remove the longest club and put it in there separately)
With the spare in . . .
I'm sure it should be able to fit in the back of an xB2.

I don't own a set, so I can't say how they will fit best.

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Testing for club fit is the first thing I do. Got my XB on 5/30.
The indent in the right rear panel really makes it easy putting the clubs in but the overall width fits also. And the multiple storage indents are really nice for gold accessories, e.g., extra balls, tees, etc.
The real test will be to see how 4 bags fit for a foursome trip. :)

P.S. With only 150 miles of seat time I am still falling in love with it.
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