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OK how to put this........ DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! after i bought my xb about amonth later my dad went out and got a kia soul retro
he has these lights and found them cool for 1 day and hasent turned them since they look good in that pic but in reality they look like sh*t :sick: on top of that if you have a passenger in the car you hardly see em even at night at at night they r very distracting i borrowed his car last week(wanted to compare) turned them on durring the day and at night when i was on the highway thought i was getting pulled over then realized it was the stupid lights and turned them off.
but to answer your question to get the same effect you would need that modual or somthing simalar seeing as how you have the option of the lights on,intermitent,or flash with the beat.

even if i dont like the idea i wish you good luck with the idea!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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