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After 3 grueling hours at the dealership, I now have a new BSP 08 xB parked in my driveway! New incentive to clear out the garage. As a bonus, the dealer had the $389 XM radio already on the sticker price, but the XM antenna had not been installed yet. I did not want the XM, so they gave me the fog lights and the trunk liner for free effectively.

Onward with the mods! The minor cosmetic and cheap ones - leather wheel cover, new shift knob, tinted windows. Eventually wheels. Maybe a cardboard Christmas tree to hang from the mirror.

I'll miss my luxurious 97 Maxima SE but I sure won't miss the keep-it-running bills (150,000 turned over on the way to the dealership), the premium gas, the $$high performance tires$$.
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