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Got my car..

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Just picked up my RS 6 yesterday!...the car is sweeet. The front grill is pretty mean and the HU is kick ***.... i will post picks when i got the time....

RS Series 6 # 302
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Congrats and hurry w/ the pix...I'm excited to see it!
I will put pics as soon as i can....

It was pretty funny....i went to this car stereo place to see about installing a sub in the car...and as i was pulling into the parking lot...everybody was looking at my xb...cuz they never seen a red one before
Congrats and enjoy. please,pictures,pictures.
Congrats! :clapping:

Pix please.

When i purchased my box, i wondered why scion didn't sell a Red xB. I guess they knew how great it'd be as a special edition.
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