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Got my invitation.

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So I signed up for the Scion United thing. I got my invitation to go yesterday. I have till the 21st to RSVP. I wanna go, badly. I have the time off, I have the money for gas ($600). I don't mind the driving or putting the miles on my xB. I just am not sure I want to spend all that money doing it. It is a once in a life time thing though. Such a hard decision. Plus I do have a friend who might be going, he has to check if he still can. If he can't I won't be able to go unless I find another person to drive with me.

Hey Ross you interested in driving to Las Vegas??
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I think I'm gonna have to say no to that one, eviljack. I'm sure it will be a good time and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but that's a really far ride. I don't have any vacation time at work either... I don't know. We can talk about it at Hot Import Nights this weekend. You still heading down Friday? I'm headed down Saturday at noon, staying at the Courtyards by Marriott about 1 mile from the show. Maybe we could do lunch or something. Since I'm not entering my ride, I'll have a nice scummy, bug-splattered xB to go places with.
Yeah I didn't enter my ride either for the show and probably not gonna make it saturday. One I wasn't able to get all the mods I needed done. Two they changed my position at work so now I don't have the same days off that I used to. Third a couple of the guys from the club decided to have Chop Shop saturday at my place. We got a list a mile long of mods to complete in a single day, plus gonna break out the grill from storage.

No hurt feelings if you can't go. Just figured I would give it a shot.
I hope you get to go to NV evil. That'd be very cool!
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