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Gotta LUV Florida

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It is that infamous time of year here in S Florida when Luv Bugs rule the air and terrorize every car within a 300 mile radius. Everyday I travel 30 miles each way to and from work. Everyday I have to wash my car to prevent premanent damage to my paint job.

This is a pic from yesterday. This happened in a 2 mile stretch just before my exit on i95.
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OMG! We get our bugs in July/Aug. and that brings back memories!
I wax it once a week. It doesn't matter, if you leave them on your car they will ruin it. Luvbugs have some kind of acid in their blood that just eats at paint.
what about painters tape!!??? change on weekends maybe!!?? the blue that everyone uses for going to shows with!!
That's not a bad idea. I have an upper bra and I am just waiting for the lower piece to arrive. That should should be all I need to protect the paint.
$75 on eBay. Not a bad deal.
That pictures hurts just by looking at it. I would be freaking out and living at the local car wash :)
Believe me it is frustrating. I waxed it again today after washing the front end. I spend at least 45 minutes everyday cleaning it when I get home. People in my neighborhood are amazed that I am constantly cleaning it.
WOW! i live in miami but we havent gotten them down here yet.... ussually there not too bad but that looks horrible:confused:
You guys are lucky. The pic above was one of the better days. I have had far worse this season.

BTW, Do they still have those Friday shows at the strip mall going on every week in Fort Lauderdale? I use to go to those all the time. Tons of cars and good people.
M-I-T-B: I live up the coast from you so I feel your pain!!! I have lived here for 6 years now and this year the LUV bugs are by far the worst they have ever been. We have swarms of the little !$%$&%^&#* bugs here and they are crawling all over our cars and homes this year :eek:. As soon as I get home, I wash those @$#%$*&%^ bugs off our cars. For the life of me I just don't understand how people just leave all that bug death on their cars for days on end. Fortunately, I only have to drive on city streets to get to work so it is no where near as bad as your situation. I was told that dryer sheets (Bounce) clean them right off, I haven't tried it, but if they do work it might be something to carry in the car with you. Something else we do is stop by the local Avis and rent a car if we have to travel within the state during LUV bug season. :biggrin:

Dryer sheets do work to a degree but with temps at 90+, even those don't work that well. Heavy waxing and washing daily really is the best option. Having bras on our cars makes a huge difference. I just keep a lot of silicone on them and the bugs come right off. I use a razor blade to clean the wind shield and then invisible glass. I have gone through 3 cans of that stuff this month! They are starting to let up a bit now down here. Hopefully we are coming to the end for this season. Can't wait until the fall when they come out again.
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