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Great Price on OEM Spoiler from Ebay

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I just bought an OEM spoiler from E-Bay today for 30.00 bucks (with shipping was 55.00) and wanted to post the link incase anyone else was looking for a spoiler at a great price..

If the link does not work the sellers name is rodmanjoe

Do the "Make an Offer" I offered 30.00 and he took it... It's not painted but for that price I don't mind :D
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hate to tell you but that spoiler is not a factory spoiler .factory spoilers ownly come painted.they love to say oem factory spoiler in those ebay ads but the more you read the ad it says oem "STYLE" factory spoiler.
be careful with ebay. there's a difference between factory, oem and "factory style". I'm ordering mine from kent brown toyota in NY for 270 painted and shipped to Cali.
jim kellog is the best at kent brown toyota. i buy all my scion stuff from him he's got the best prices hand down period !!!!!! and as you can see from my profile i have alot of stuff !
That's right. Jim Kellog. He beats all prices whether it be my local dealer or ebay. So far I've gotten: illuminated door sills, scion security system, exhaust tip, 17" wheels, wheel locks, seamless vent visors (not from toyota), fog lights.

Working on getting: rear spoiler, razo shift knob, front sway bar, 4 n 1 light kit, etc.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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