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Greetings from Toronto!

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Hello all!

I'm an expectant driver of a 2008 Superwhite xB. I'm really excited because I have a feeling that I might be among the first 2nd gen xB's in Toronto! I'm definitely not new to the scene but since Scion's are still not readily available in Canada I'll be popping in here to do my research and keep up with the latest info.

Looking forward to "meeting" you all. Talk soon!

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Welcome blink-xb!!!
Toronto is such a beautiful city and it'll make an excellent background for your SW XB!!
Look forward to you getting it and posting pix from up there.
Thanks people! I'm a former bug driver so it's finally nice to join a community with a little more enthusiasm!
From one newb to another, Welcome! Surprised to ehar that the Bug community is not enthusiastic. I know the classic Bug groups here in the States tend to be very active.

Been a while since I was in Toronto, but I remember having a great time in a beautiful city about 10 years back.
I'm new to the Scion family, too, but this is the best forum group ever. It's like a family even though most of us have never met. Welcome to our family!
I was in Ottawa in August and did not see even one Scion. When I mentioned it, my cousin had no idea what a Scion was. We went to the Toyota dealership and they said they did not carry them in stock.
Eh? :eek:
The Toyota dealer nearest me doesn't carry any Scions either. They are getting a Scion division tho next year.
From what I hear, they aren't going to stock the Scion brand in Canada anytime in the near future. Which is great news for me because I love being a little different!

My car is on it's way from down south and I'm expecting delivery of it next week. Yay!!!

Really happy to be here folks! Thanks for the warm welcome!
Oh little update - I ended up finding a 2009!! So I'm the proud soon-to-be-owner of a Superwhite '09 xB!!!!
b said:
Oh little update - I ended up finding a 2009!! So I'm the proud soon-to-be-owner of a Superwhite '09 xB!!!!
Great! When are you due? :D
It's en route from Kansas City so if all goes well I'm expecting it as early as Monday! As soon as it makes its way up here I'll post pics!
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