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Guage faces

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I am trying to find the folks that have guage face replacements for the )8 XB2's. I want to change the LED's to blue so what guage faces and colors work for that change?

God bless
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Eric said:
Thanks Eric!

that site has some interesting gauges and other goodies!

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Thanks for posting that link, they have some killer faceplate's for the gauges.
And if they don't have what you want he will make it for you. The Iron Man guage face is the one he made for me.
OK, that is more cool information. This is such a COOL site. 8)

Thanks eviljack
Re: Gauge faces

I know it's early for me to pick on spelling, but it's gauge, not guage! It's been driving me nuts looking at the word. :D That's meant with all happiness, btw!

So, are the custom gauge plates just heavy printed paper or what is the material it's made of? My dad could probably help me install it, but I want it to be something that's going to last forever and not fade too much. I'd love to get my favorite comics customed onto it, but I don't want to be sad 2 years down the road because the colors aren't as nice. Anyone had one of these for a couple of years?
I haven't but some of the first gens have. Its also made on a PVC plastic type material. Very heavy duty and a textured material.. I personally feel that its more durable then the factory face material.
I had someone from another forum make me a gauge face.

But, I can't post it. I'll get baned. :(
Tell ya what. How about you PM a photo to those that want to see it. Like me for example. Then its not public but those that want can check it out.
eviljack said:
Tell ya what. How about you PM a photo to those that want to see it. Like me for example. Then its not public but those that want can check it out.
Cause photobucket will delete it. :lol:

It has nudity. callmemrbill has seen it. :naughty:
oh yes the gauge faces. The gauge faces are awesome. But yeah cant be posted here.
eviljack said:
did you ever get you betty page one done?
I haven't gotten them done yet. I am still trying to make the final decision on which pics to use. Want to make sure it is right and I am happy with it before forking out the dough.
I found this guy through a friend and had a long conversation. He seems to know his stuff. His faceplates are new and not a sticker or picture overlay. They are more expensive, but it's a new gauge face plate.
He will be in So-Cal later this month and I am taking my cluster to him. I will let you know how it turns out.
Heyo peeps,

New guy on the block but yes, the custom gauges I have done. The first time I got ripped twice from this guy on Ebay. They looked good in the pics but their quality sucked hardcore! First time it was in two piece, horribly cut and looked like someone had sat on them! :(
I then found this other guy on Ebay and made me a custom set, very nice! I'm about to set it up after I change my LEDs and paint my needles to match my white trim pieces I did. The only thing I wish I could find are gauge needles in different colors. I'll post some pics when I get done. Thanks for reading, later guys.
I downloaded a photoshop file of the gauge face from another forum. It didn't seem that hard to make them (if you have photoshop).

I need to switch them around for my Rumion. :(
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