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Halo headlights help

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I just bought and installed these Halo headlights for my 2010 xB and need a little help.

Link: 2008-2010 Scion Xb Projector Headlights Halo W/o Ccfl Bar Black Clear Amber: Automotive

They are very similar to the Anzos except without the CCFL bar that lights up above the halos.

I was running 6000k HID's in my stock headlights, however, these lights have halogen bulbs in there. I know they are size H7 (different than stock), however, I would like to know if I would be able to buy any H7 hid bulbs and be able to use them in these? Or do I have to buy special ones? Because the ends of the bulbs and the housings they go into are different than stock. Good picture of what they look like in this thread

Anyone running HID's in these or the Anzos that are similar? Thanks!
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if it uses the h7 bulb im assuming thT it wud need a h7 kit
if it uses the h7 bulb im assuming thT it wud need a h7 kit
I understand that, but the bulbs look like they are "clipped" into the housing, rather than "twisting" them like you would with the stock headlights. just dont know if i need a special bulb or just a regular h7 hid bulb

Also, I have another question, I believe to have wired everything up just fine, however, when rotate the headlight "lever", for lack of better word, one notch to get the turn signals to come on as like "day running lights" or when i have the headlights fully engaged, the amber lights don't light up in the new headlights i got. however, when i use my hazards or flick the left or right turn signal, they work fine. any ideas?
the clip should be removable kinda like a pin type h3 bulb?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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