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Happy 1st Anniversary to me and my baby.

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It's been a long year but I've put a lot of work into making Jessika look great.


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slick ride. what are you lowered on?
Ksport Pro Kontrol Coils.
Looking good! Are those the forjworks or nia eyelids?
Forjwork eyelids.

BUT, thanks for all the love guys. I'm doing my best with the tools I've been given. There was a freak chance of this car coming into my life and it did and now alls it does is turn heads.
I like them, I'm glad I did get them painted.
Yeah that's all super stock, about 2 weeks after this my coils were on and I was lowered. I still have a lot of room in the rear and the front so the dirt drive might not be that bad.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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