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Header onn!

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Got my strup stainless steel header yesterday and put it on today. looks great. doesnt make it much louder but gives my exhust a little crackk to it. and you can feel a pretty good power gain.
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Looks good dude :)! FWIW -- I only hear my header when I lean just a little on the throttle. When the engine starts to pull, it makes itself known :)!
im gettin an s pipe soon too.
I was pleased with the effect of installing a header, but I was skeptical about an aftermarket 'S'-pipe making a worthwhile difference -- especially in light of the cost (WeaponR), but I decided to give it a shot and guess what? Can't say I could tell any difference at all over the OE.

I suggest finding something more impactful to spend your money on.
From what I've read elsewhere, the CVT appears to be OK to 300WHP -- though you would need a transmission fluid cooler if you go turbo.

Also, I understand the OE xB2 intake manifold is capable of supporting considerable power (pretty sure 400 WHP), so don't rush to replace it.
I checked out World/Descendant and WOW $4295 for a turbo upgrade? I hope that includes labor. If not I've seen early 90's Civic Hatchbacks on ebay with 300+hp for the same price.
Yes, if you really want to go turbo, you're looking at major dollars. Whether or not it's worth the expense is up to you :)!
You can have a lot of fun with "bolt on" N/A mods, but nothing that will turn heads at a track. Turbo is the only way to go for real power. My personal focus is low-to-mid torque, not power. Torque is very useful on the street, power not so much. Still, I guess turbo is more "sexy" :)!
Hey dude -- get one of those AirRaid or similar TB spacers and it'll give you a whistle that's at least suggestive of a turbo! Course, they tend to sound kinda dumb when you're whistling down the street at modest speed in lower gears :)!
I have been thinking more and more about adding a weapon r header and S-pipe to my setup... the reviews for a header have been great from everyone.

perhaps after the airbags.
The header is good, the "S"-pipe is for bragging privilege. If you decide to do both, do the header first and after evaluating its value, then do the "S"-pipe. That way you'll be able to tell what the "S"-pipe actually brought you.
Doesn't the stock header contain a pre-cat?

For those who have to worry about it: how will you pass your smog inspection after you install your header?

Also: does altering/changing the stock muffler affect your smog inspection? I read on another forum someone was arguing the stock muffler added "necessary back pressure" or something like that.

I'd like to add a header and/or change the stock muffler but am concerned about passing smog.
Since I've yet to run my 2008 through DMV, I can't be dead certain. However, I'm expecting my loss of the pre-cat to be a minor issue given the continued presence of the main cat ("scuba"). The choice between axle and cat backs basically effect only the sound. Choose whatever you prefer, but it's highly unlikley emissions will change as a result.
1 - 8 of 36 Posts
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