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Header onn!

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Got my strup stainless steel header yesterday and put it on today. looks great. doesnt make it much louder but gives my exhust a little crackk to it. and you can feel a pretty good power gain.
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or better yet, if you want to waste money, just end it to me!!!!!! I need more funding for my bags haha.
haha, that does NOT include labor dude. That's parts only.
it sounds like it does... :/

love my short ram.
I want a turbo just for the noise it makes, I could care less about the power it gives me. But I can't spend 8K on a noise haha.
I have been thinking more and more about adding a weapon r header and S-pipe to my setup... the reviews for a header have been great from everyone.

perhaps after the airbags.
it does contain a pre cat, yes. the other cats and muffler will be fine in the inspection though.
1 - 9 of 36 Posts
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