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I'm looking at getting some new headers and possibly a new exhaust for Christmas, but I'm not sure what is a good price and what's good performance. I'm not trying to spend over $500 though.

I found this one...? - Toyota 2008 Scion XB Performance Stainless Racing Header 2.4L

Thanks for any help!
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That header isn't the nicest looking one I've seen...

I learned my lesson with a cheap exhaust - Didn't fit 100% right and sounded funny. I ended up putting my stock exhaust back on and I'm much happier.
I've heard good things about Strup headers. More expensive, but probably worth it.

Scion xB2 Headers
Does an aftermarket header make the engine sound much louder?

I have a TRD exhaust and an AEM intake. I'm thinking about adding a header but I'm worried about the engine noise attracting unwanted attention. I'm interested in better airflow through the motor - not just more growl when I open the throttle.
Don't want to chance being pulled over it the sound is that much more noticeable.
Does an aftermarket header make the engine sound much louder?
I am also curious about this. Also, is the Weapon R S-pipe needed?
If so, I guess I'll get that? ^ Then an exhaust later?

(I don't really know about engine stuff that much.)
Yes, I believe an aftermarket header will make you louder.

I think the S-pipe is kinda pointless, because its the same diameter as the stock one and it's just a pipe. Yes, it's shiny, but you won't see it under your car.

Bottom line is, if you were going to buy a full catback like the Magnaflow that comes with an S-pipe, then yeah put it on with the rest of it and be happy (I would be), but just an S-pipe with the stock exhaust isn't going to make a real difference in sound or in power.

This is assuming I got all my facts straight.
Ok I got it wrong... The midpipe is what won't make any difference. The S-pipe replaces the cat, meaning you probably wont pass emissions tests, but you should be a lot louder.

Hope I got it right this time.
Won't let me edit my first attempt at the truth, so just ignore it...
So, the S-Pipe is what makes it loud? so, should I get the strup headers, and exhaust, for 700 off Fast Scions, or just the Weapon R and S-Pipe?
On any exhaust, it is best to work from the tip to the engine, for best flow. A well designed system reduces restriction- allowing a better/smoother exhaust flow.

Another factor to consider is "backpressure" - which helps lower-mid range. If you remove enough restriction to have very little backpressure, you'll have more top-end power but less mid-range. The trick is balancing the two . . .
Thanks for the info too guys. I really want to do the Wepon r header/s pipe n the strup exhaust. I want to know the most before i make this decision.
first off that header 170 dollar one is a CXRacing header. cheapo if you ask me. i have a weapon r header + weapopn r s-pipe + a strup cat back. 780 dollars from the header as the cat in it so once the header is changed you will have to keep your resanator to pass the test. but with the header s-pipe and strup cat back it not super loud but louder than stock. kinda deep. and i saw a dyno some where that with the same stuff the guy had an increase of around 17 hp! i havent had a dyno but it diff feels faster!!
so, do I really need the S-pipe?
and, in Arkansas we don't have tests to pass, besides your driver's. so I'm not too worried about that.
so, do I really need the S-pipe?QUOTE]

I think thats up to you.
well i just intalled the weapon r header and s-pipe along with the stup cat back and its not loud at all! it sounds really nice with the cai also. feels like it might pull a lil harder but the dyno will tell
what was the diameter on the s-pipe? 2.5" might be alittle big, want some back pressure, will all three should notice a little jolt in your seat :cheers:
i still have the stock scuba tank so that all the back pressure i need lol
If I get this, do I need the S-pipe? because it looks like the same pipe in the picture.
Strup Exhaust System: Scion xB 2008 - 2010 (xB2)
The "S-pipe" is between the header and the "scuba tank" (cat #2 and resonator). That exhaust goes after the scuba.
So, different part of the system.
ohhh. Thanks.
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